"If You Are Truly Ready to Make the Next 12 Months the BEST 12 Months of Your Life, I Can Help You."

Dear Friend, My name is Hal Elrod, author of the #1 best-selling book, The Miracle Morning and co-founder of the Best Year Ever Coaching (BYEC) program (formerly "Miracle Morning Mastermind Coaching"). Thank you in advance for investing the next few minutes to read this page and discover how Best Year Ever Coaching can help you take yourself, and any area of your life, to the next level. In fact, my commitment in this program is to help YOU become the person you need to be to achieve extraordinary levels of success in EVERY area of your life. I've been fortunate to discover how to do exactly that consistently, year after year, and I've successfully coached 950+ individuals to consistently create their breakthrough years. (*More on that in a second...) I think you'll agree that there's one thing we all share in common: No matter how successful we are, there's always a gap between where we are and the next level. "Level 10" Health... Wealth... Happiness... Success. We want to not only experience the best that LIFE has to offer, but more importantly -- we want to learn how to tap into our FULL POTENTIAL so that we can experience the best that WE have to give. In 2005, I FINALLY figured out how to leave decades of mediocrity behind me, and for the first time ever, create an absolute breakthrough year that would change my life forever. In fact, I overcame my self-imposed limitations and accomplished more in a 12-month period than I ever thought was possible (*Details below), which is what led me to become a certified Life & Business Coach, so that I could pay it forward and help thousands of individuals to achieve results in both their personal and professional lives, beyond what many of them even believed was possible.  

To Give You An Idea of What's Possible for YOU...


Here's What I Was Able To Accomplish (In Less Than 12 months) Using the Exact Strategies That I Coach You On During This Program...

[Productivity/Income] By figuring out how to consistently DOUBLE my productivity, I was able to more than DOUBLE my income from $38k in 2004 to over $103,000 in 2005 (without changing my career, changing companies, or getting a promotion).

Then, implementing the same strategies you're about to learn in the BYEC program, I was eventually able to more than DOUBLE my annual income again, to over $250,000, and ultimately to over $1,000,000 annually.

If doubling my income would have been my only breakthough, I would have been beyond pleased, but it was really only the beginning... [Health/Energy] My diet and exercise regimen were radically transformed. I stopped eating unhealthy and "fast" foods and learned how to EAT FOR ENERGY even though I was always on the go. My energy levels went through the roof, I quickly got into the best shape of my lifefinding time to not only go to the gym and exercise, but also incorporate yoga into my daily routine and rock-climbing 2-3 days a week. But I still hadn't found a woman who would put up with me. Until... [Relationships] I believe it was largely in part to who I was becoming during my breakthrough year that I was able to (finally) attract, meet, and fall in love with the woman of my dreams, who I am now married to.  We are also blessed with two children, who are both the highlights of my life! [Career/Dreams] That year, I finally wrote and published my first bestselling book, Taking Life Head On! a dream that I had been procrastinating on for over 6 years!  I also ended the year by simultaneously launching two brand new careers, one as a Keynote SPEAKER and one as a Life & Business Success COACH. When the year ended, having achieved EVERY single one of my goals, I remember standing at the foot of my bed, spreading my arms out as wide as I could, and just falling weightlessly onto my mattress!  Feeling overwhelmed with excitement, gratitude, and even disbelief at not only what I had accomplished that year, but more importantly who I had become.  Because, having finally figured out how to live consistently with my full potential, I knew my life would never be the same...  

Coaching 950+ Individuals To New Levels of Success

Having "figured it out" as I just mentioned, I believed (and still believe) that I have an obligation to pay-it-forward and help others fulfill their potential. That's my purpose in life, and it's why I chose the career path as an Author, Speaker, and Success Coach. In 2010, I wanted to serve more people than I was able to through 1-on-1 coaching, so I founded my first Group Coaching program, which became Miracle Morning Mastermind Coaching, and continued to evolve into the program you're now learning about, now... the Best Year Ever Coaching program.  Knowing what I know now, and having taken over 950 coaching clients through my coaching process, it no longer surprises me to see my clients achieve breakthrough results and accomplish more than they even thought was possible. They still get surprised, but I expect nothing less.  

What Members Say About Hal's Coaching...

"I have been member of Hal's Group Coaching for a few months. I love love love each module! Without fail, I take away valuable advice and information from each time I listen. What I love most is that I don't have to be on the live calls, but can download the recording at my convenience and process the information the way that works best for me."
--Jami McNees, Author and Columnist, Business Scene Magazine Temecula, CA
"Hiring Hal as my coach was the single most productive decision in advancing my life to the next level. Hal's coaching has helped me to reach my highest goals of building a rock solid business plan, launching a non-profit, and getting in shape. If you truly desire change, Hal's coaching will help you make it happen." --Scott Smith, Financial Adviser and Founder of the Fellowship Chamber Roseville, CA
"Since I started coaching with Hal, I’ve experienced a 50% INCREASE in my income, but that’s just a small part of how Hal’s coaching has made a difference in my life.  With his help, I’ve taken my business and my life to a whole new level, and I credit so much of the success I’ve achieved this year to the decision I made to coach with Hal.” --Taylor Waidhofer, (Hall of Fame) Sales Professional Houston, TX
“Every single coaching session with Hal leaves me amazed at his ability to see and know exactly what I need at that moment in time. He has an incredible gift for helping others discover who they really are, what they really want from life, and how to achieve their dreams by bringing out the best in themselves” --Shirlee Oakley, Entrepreneur and Mom Fallbrook, CA
“Just one strategy from Hal's coaching earned me over $15,000 in 2 weeks! Having heard rave reviews from colleagues who had coached with Hal, I entered into coaching feeling very confident that he could help me reach my goals, but I had no idea that the results from coaching would be anywhere near as life-changing as they've been or happen as quickly as they have.” --Robert Arauco, Entrepreneur Long Beach, CA
“I surpassed my biggest month of sales by almost 100% less than 2 months after I hired Hal to be my coach. His coaching, guidance, and accountability earned me THOUSANDS of dollars that I wouldn't have otherwise made. Hal's coaching helped me take my attitude and actions to the next level and finally perform at the level I always knew I was capable of. Thanks Hal!" --Joe Galluchi, Sales Rep, PayJunction.com Los Angeles, CA
“Having the best sales campaign of my career was just a side benefit of coaching with Hal. He's taught me how to hit my goals much more quickly efficiently, and his coaching has literally changed every area of my life for the better. And it's not just me, everyone I’ve talked with who has coached with Hal has achieved amazing success in their work, relationships, and life.” --Katie Fingerhut, Entrepreneur, Hall of Fame Business Achiever, and Marathon Runner Saint Louis, MO


  Before you read over all of the BYEC Modules (below), I'll answer a question I often get from people who want to coach with me: "So, is your coaching more 'Life' Coaching or is it 'Business' Coaching?" The answer is BOTH... and NEITHER.   What I mean is that your coaching will be focused on YOU, and helping you to develop the "attributes" (mindset, habits, skills and strategies) that you need to take EVERY area of your life to the next level.

For example... Your first month of BYEC teaches you the Best Year Ever Blueprint:The 3 Profoundly Simple Steps To Ensure That the Next 12 Months Are Truly the Best 12 Months of Your Life.

The benefits you'll receive from this coaching won't be restricted to just one area of your life, but will immediately impact EVERY area of your life (business, health, relationships--you name it).

Once you go through your first month of Best Year Ever [Coaching] you'll see your level of self-discipline go beyond where it has ever been in the past, and discover that tasks which you used to find difficult, suddenly become easy.


BYEC Modules

 Get 12 months of Best Year Ever Coaching and Transform Your Life... In Only 12 Weeks!

Week 1, Module #1

Best Year Ever Blueprint

Every year, millions of well-meaning goal achievers set annual goals. And yet, each year, most of us fall short in one way or another. The objective of the Best Year Ever BLUEPRINT is to help you ensure that you exceed ­­your own expectations and achieve everything you want this year… and beyond.
What do you really want to accomplish in the next 12 months—if there were NO LIMITS? Now consider that you can truly accomplish more than you’ve ever even considered is possible.

Week 2, Module #2

The Emotional Intelligence Advantage: Transforming Results Through Relationships

Research continues to prove that your Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is the leading capability that differentiates top performers in every walk of life (sales professionals, leaders and people who depend on their ability to connect with, relate to and ultimately influence others.

In this module, we introduce the Emotional Intelligence Competency Model, first introduced to the world by Daniel Goleman, Richard Boyatis and Annie McKee, nearly two decades ago.   

Week 3, Module #3

Upgrading Your Circle of Influence: How to Surround Yourself With Highly Successful People

Every single area of our lives -- from our health to our happiness to our income, and every area in between -- is impacted by the people who we share our time and attention with.

In fact, it's been said that we essentially become the average of the people we spend the most time with. Our thoughts, beliefs, standards and overall levels of success are influenced by the thoughts, beliefs, standards and levels of success of our circle of influence. 

In Module #3, you'll learn how to strategically and systematically connect with, add value to, and develop relationships with high achievers.

Week 4, Module #4

Next Generation Goal Setting: 9 Steps to Enabling Your Deepest Genius, Taming Distractions

Get ready to experience what's being called Jon Berghoff's most controversial, counter-intuitive coaching call yet! 

Jon will gladly contradict most goal setting advice, and share with you why: 

  • He doesn’t have a to-do list
  • He rarely stick with his goals
  • Our goals are actually less important than how we engage them
  • Continually “working LESS” has multiplied both Jon and Hal's income dramatically
  • And A LOT more... 

Week 5, Module #5

Winning the Game of Wealth: What You Can Do NOW to Earn More

Welcome to Module #5: Winning the Game of Wealth.

While money can be a stressful and sometimes controversial topic for many, the reality is that most people make it more complicated than it needs to be. You’re about to learn what may be the most straight-forward, simplest, and most effective approach to money management and wealth-building, which you can begin implementing immediately to improve your financial situation—right now.  

If you commit and follow through with the simple strategies from today’s Module, you will not only see your savings began to grow almost immediately, but you will gain a sense of power and control over your finances that most people never attain. 

Week 6, Module #6

Strategic ENERGY: Your 4-Week Plan to Experience Extraordinary Levels of Physical, Mental and Emotional Energy

Feeling tired? How are you supposed to stay motivated? 

Lacking energy? How are you supposed to achieve exceptional results without maintaining a surplus of Physical, Mental, and Emotional energy to draw on? 

One of the most life-changing distinctions we can ever make is that the true key to optimizing ourselves (motivation, focus, happiness, productivity--you name it) is managing our "energy" (NOT time). 

Discover how to optimize your Physical, Mental, and Emotional energy levels, so that you can maximize your results. 

Week 7, Module #7

Simplifying Self-Discipline & Habit Mastery: How to Get Yourself to Do What You Need to Do… (Even When You Don’t Feel Like Doing It!)

More often than now, we know what we need to do to be happy, healthy, successful and to achieve everything we want in life. It’s just getting ourselves to consistently follow through and take the necessary actions, which is often easier said than done.

In today’s BYEC module, you’ll realize the most common obstacles to YOUR self-discipline, discover how to overcome procrastination, do the right things—that move you closer to your goals—instead of the easy things, that hold you back, and discover how can you can set your “Goal Achieving Cruise Control” and get yourself to do those things that you know you should do, that will advance our life, advance your career, improve your health, improve your relationships, improve your finances, and so on.

No matter how disciplined you consider yourself now, this is the time to take your self-discipline to the next level, and watch your results follow!

Week 8, Module #8

The Ultimate Leadership Training: How to Bring Out the Best Out

Get ready to experience Leadership Training like you never have before, as Jon Berghoff gives you the keys to immediately elevate your Leadership skills & abilities.

In case don't know this about Jon, I will tell you that his background as a leader is pretty impressive!

From leading himself to run 300+ miles in 10 days... to leading multiple sales teams to all time, record-breaking results... to teaching leadership training at the executive level, Jon is world-renown in this area.

You're about to discover proven methods that are guaranteed to Lead Yourself and Others to Greatness.

Week 9, Module #9

Planning & Productivity Overhaul: Six (6) Simple Steps to Prioritize, Plan, & Consistently Produce High-Quality Work with Less Effort

“Productivity is never an accident. It is always a result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort.”
— Paul J. Meyer

“You don’t need more time in your day. You need to decide.”
— Seth Godin

Week 10, Module #10

FEAR(less): Four (4) Scientifically Proven Ways to Identify, Manage, Embrace, and Overcome What’s Really Holding You Back

Week 11, Module #11

What Matters Most? - How to Identify & Live in Alignment with What Matters More to You Than Anything Else in the World.

“Things which matter most must never be at the mercy of things which matter least.” ― Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Week 12, Module #12

Best Year Ever MASTERY - How to Continue Making Every Year Your Best Year Ever

Not only are you about to experience the first time that Hal Elrod and Jon Berghoff have ever co-hosted a BYEC call together, but you are going to learn the best lessons gathered from the following modules:

  1. Best Year Ever BLUEPRINT
  2. Emotional Intelligence 3.0
  3. Upgrading Your Circle of Influence
  4. Next Generation Goal Setting
  5. Winning the Game of WEALTH
  6. Strategic Energy
    Simplifying Self
  7. Discipline & Habit Mastery
  8. The Ultimate Leadership Training
  9. Planning & Productivity Overhaul
  10. FEAR(less)
  11. What Matters Most?
  12. Best Year Ever MASTERY

What Is the Investment to Join Best Year Ever Coaching?

When Best Year Ever Coaching was taught live, members invested $97/month for 12 months, and 96.2% gave written feedback stating that the VALUE far exceeded the price. However, during a conversation with one of my mentors, he reminded me, "Hal, although I'm sure the value is far greater, if you lower the price, you can impact more people." I can't argue with that!  In fact, if you ask anyone who knows me (or any of my clients), they'll tell you I am all about impacting as many people as I can.  So, for the first time ever I've decided that I'm going to offer all 12 months of the Best Year Ever Coaching program for only $297 and that's with no contract and NO RISK)

Get Over $3,000 in Extra Bonuses for Becoming a Member

  • BONUS ($3,260 value) - Immediate & Unlimited Access to all Past VIP Coaching Modules -  As soon as you join, you'll not only get access to your first of 12 modules of Best Year Ever Coaching, but you'll immediately get unlimited access to dozens of life-changing coaching modules we've done on topics ranging from productivity... financial success... happiness, and much more.  
  • If you're ready to take your life to the next level and join the Best Year Ever [Coaching] program today, get started below!


100% Money Back Guarantee

I know from experience the impact that this coaching will have on your life, and that's why I'm willing to take the risk out of your decision to join. Your Best Year Ever [Coaching] is covered by our 100% "No Questions Asked" Guarantee. If after your first week of the program, your expectations have not been met or exceeded, and you aren't completely satisfied, simply email me and ask for a refund. It's that simple.

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